Storage Freedom

iShuttle uses a unique architecture that allows for customers to choose appropriate storage for their high-value content. A “hybrid” aspect of our SaaS, this “storage agnostic” element takes care of the access and security concerns sometimes associated with the cloud by integrating with user’s on-premises storage or their own cloud storage tenancies like Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.

iShuttle solutions work equally well with on-premises files storage, public clouds, and private clouds. Why is this significant?

Different classes of assets need to be stored in different ways. Especially in data intensive media operations projects, it’s important to be able to strategize on a case-by-case basis about what kind of storage to use. At a certain scale, on-premises storage can be a cheaper option than cloud storage, and it gives you control over performance and availability. In cloud, availability is defined for you and is associated with a cost. iShuttle solutions allow for storage elasticity or the ability to accommodate different storage requirements over time, so you can choose the storage that makes the most sense for different projects now and in the future.

Additionally, iShuttle offers direct access to stored content. Most online file sharing services wrap storage up with other functionality at a bundled price, and prevent you from accessing your content stored in the cloud directly — forcing you to pull it out first. When you hookup iShuttle SaaS products, you have control over the backend and can access content directly in the cloud.